What better way to start your academic life on campus than by being part of the International Club?

When you arrive in Barcelona, the CILS will welcome you and guide you so that you make your stay in La Salle the best possible experience. 

CILS was born more than 15 years ago by a group of Latin American students who sought to promote life on campus, the union between students of all nationalities, networking and accompanying those who arrive in a new city to build a new life.  

Since its inception, the International Club has been dedicated to organizing all kinds of integration events: Trips, cultural and recreational events, fairs, etc. and has managed to unite many people who even today they continue to support each other as friends and as professionals. 

When you arrive, you can attend one of the events that are organized every year, or you can contact a member to explain how it works and you can take part. Even before you arrive, you can contact CILS if you have questions or want to speak to someone who is here and can tell you about his experience.  

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Club Internacional La Salle
C. Sant Joan de la Salle, 42
08022 Barcelona