Below you will find the contact information of the different people of the Global Office that you can contact depending on what you need.


Sant Jaume building - Ground Floor
In front of Banco Santander

Student Hours

Monday to Friday
9:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Global Students OfficeManager
Anna Vidal Ganuza
(+34) 932 902 389

Incoming Mobility 
Students who will complete their mobility exchange in La Salle.
Incoming Exchange Coordinator
Laura Guayara Palacios
(+34) 932 902 421

Outgoing Mobility
Students from La Salle who will complete their exchange mobility in other university.
Outgoing Exchange Coordinator
Ramata Bah Bah
(+34) 932 902 377

Global Students Advisor
Advise with paperwork and tramits.
Luis Angel Vásquez
(+34) 932 902 421

Mobility Agreements
Mobility Agreements Coordinator
(+34) 932 902 377