degree in philosophy economics and politics la salle campus barcelona

Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Develop a vision open to the society of the future by studying three interconnected disciplines.

Official name
Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Modality On-site
Duration 4 Years
Language Catalan - Spanish
Places available 40
Credits 240-ECTS
Start Date 04 September 2023
Schedule Monday to Friday, mornings only
Location Barcelona

The Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics is aimed at students who are interested in keeping up to date with what is happening in society in relation to politics and economics and reflect on it. It is also aimed at those people who like to develop their critical thinking and are motivated by decisions and debates.

The objective is to train professionals as social consultants, analysts or researchers in the field of social sciences and humanities, gaining access to a degree deeply rooted in the Anglo-Saxon educational system since the beginning of the 20th century.

The degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics is an interuniversity degree formed by a triple alliance with Comillas University and the University of Deusto, which offers you the possibility of doing an exchange at their campuses, if you wish, during the 3rd year. In the first 3 courses you will stay for 3 days, each year in a different Campus.

Degree of the Faculty of Philosophy URL taught at La Salle Campus Barcelona.

Complete your training at La Salle Campus Barcelona with our own degree "Program in Leadership for the Transformation of Teams and People", in which you will acquire the knowledge and techniques necessary to lead in this new era, in which people and results will continue to be the focal point of success

"I would choose this degree again as many times as possible, I can say that I understand the most important things that happen in the world, that I understand the thinking of the most important philosophers and that I have achieved a good ability to debate and write. Small classes, trained professors and colleagues with vocation create a very stimulating environment to learn."

Xavier Vila Roldán, Undergraduate Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

"During the three years that I have been in this degree I have not only learned to understand the local and international political outlook much better, but it has also made me grow intellectually above the expectations that I had before starting the degree. The study abroad opportunities are the icing on the cake that crown the package of knowledge and development that is sought in this degree. The amenities and attention received in this degree are a luxury in terms of diversifying studies, language and culture.”

Pedro Servet Rodríguez, Undergraduate Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

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