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Gestión de marketing

This Principles of Marketing course provides students with an introduction to the role of marketing and the principles and challenges involved in developing successful marketing programs. Students will be taken from an introduction to the role of marketing in the organization through the principle tools of marketing and finish the course examining the wider social and ethical implications of marketing. We will have the opportunity to analyze how the function of marketing has evolved over time driven by factors such as the changing nature of the consumer, globalization, technology and socio-cultural factors. While this course imparts the traditional concepts of managing the marketing mix with a balanced focus on the consumer and the competitor, it also examines more innovative and often more aggressive promotional strategies that have emerged in the digital era.
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This course seeks to assist you in:

Developing a broad definition of marketing and the marketing concept

Understand the main threats and opportunities in the marketing environment

Identifying, and assessing the role of consumer behaviour marketing

Developing an awareness of the role of marketing research in making effective marketing decisions

Taking strategic and the operational decisions.

Identifying the strategic role of segmentation particularly in an environment when the customer is increasingly complex.

Understanding the importance of Brands in the strategic proposal.

Developing operational activities to set up the strategy proposed.

Identifying the ethical challenges associated with the application of the marketing programs

Understanding the basic contents and structure of a marketing plan

Identify the use of digital marketing in general marketing and its relevance for marketeers today


Topic 1 Introduction to the Marketing Concept
Welcome and Introduction to the Course/ Discussion of basic marketing concepts and course evaluation

Topic 2 Marketing Strategy
Factors Influencing the marketing concept/ Marketing first Strategic Decisions: Which business are you in?

Topic 3 Consumer Behaviour
The buying decision process and factors influencing it (BDP and DMU)/ The digital consumer

Topic 4 Marketing Environment
Environmental Factors (PEST analysis)/ Digital era and how is changing the mktg process is changing/ Determine strategic alternatives

Topic 5 Marketing Research

Topic 6 Segmentation & Targeting
Segmenting and targeting the market effectively

Topic 7 Value Proposition & Branding
The Brand as part of the company strategy/ Building brand in the digital era

Topic 8 Products and Services
Product and service definitions and development

Topic 9 Pricing strategies
How to create effective pricing strategies

Topic 10 Promotion (Advertising, Public Relations, Sales Promotions & Direct Selling) / Promotion and digital marketing (Promote through Social Networks) / Unconventional Marketing Strategies (Guerilla Marketing, Product Placement & Ambushing Competition)

Topic 11 Distribution
Logistics, Retailing & Selling Direct to the Customer/ E-Commerce

Topic 12 Marketing Plan case & wrap up
How to build a Marketing Plan Trends.


The learning experience is based on a range of teaching methods that seek to foster your understanding of the marketing function. The classes will be dynamic only if students come to class prepared and willing to contribute to class discussion.

The classes will concentrate on the principle marketing concepts, readings and case studies that you will be required to do outside class time as well as in-class discussions. We will also draw on a vast array of multimedia sources such as videos, podcasts and blogs to supplement written material.

Criterios evaluación

The course grade will be based on the following 5 point breakdown:
Participation 15%
Periodic tests/exercises as determined by the teacher 10%

Assignments 25 %

Midterm exam 15%

Final Exam 35%

Bibliografía básica

Principles of Marketing 16ed– Kotler & Armstrong – Prentice Hall Publishing.

It is easy to use and includes many useful case studies highlighting the main marketing concepts.

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