The Integrated Tariff System (ITS), also known as 'integrated fare system' or 'integrated ticketing', is valid within Barcelona's Metropolitan Area, which is divided into six travel zones. You can use the same ticket or travel card for all public transports except the Official Barcelona's Sightseeing Bus (Bus Turístic).

Some advice on public transport

Operating hours

Public transport operating hours are extremely convenient as well. The metro is open on both working days and Sundays from 5.00 to 00.00, on Fridays and days before public holidays up to 2.00, and on Saturdays 24 hours a day. Day buses operate from 5.30 to 22.30 and night buses from 22.00 to 5.00. Please check the metro and bus maps for further information.

Travel cards

When it comes to travelling within the city, the best option is to acquire the available multi‑use tickets—T‑10, T‑50/30, T‑Mes, or T‑Trimestre.


Bicing is one of Barcelona's newest public transportation systems. This urban transport service is based on bicycles being shared by users. It is an easy, convenient, and sustainable service which you can use to travel around the city. Users make a yearly payment which allows them to use the bicing service wherever they want and whenever they want without neither fumes nor noise. Currently there are more than 400 Barcelona city bikes collection points all over the city.

International Office

Telephone number: +34 93 290 24 46
Postal address:
C. Sant Joan de la Salle, 42
08022 Barcelona