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Master's Thesis

Subject name Master's Thesis ECTS Credits 10 Temporality Annual: Semester 1 (5ECTS) and Semester 2 (5ECTS) Qualifications Master's Degree in Logistics Management Subject code(s) LG001 Modality Face-to-face, Online Guided and onlineSelf Driven As a synthesis of the master's degree, in the Final Master's Project (TFM) the educational process is completed by concentrating the application of all the competences developed during the different subjects. Over two periodsand with the guidance of a tutor, a paper is prepared where a supply chain of a real business is analyzed and the improvements that must be carried out to make it more efficient and competitive are proposed. The work will be publicly defended before a court, being required to have passed all the subjects of the program.
Type Subject
Primer - Obligatoria
Previous Knowledge

The results of this subject are:

TFM_RA1: The student knows how to develop a supply chain analysis project and propose the changes and improvements necessary for a better alignment with the needs of the business.
TFM_RA2: The student learns to communicate with an external company that acts as a client and at the same time as a mentor.
TFM_RA3: The student applies techniques and knowledge acquired in the rest of the modules.
TFM_RA4: The student acquires skills for the presentation and public defense of a project related to the improvement and technification of the supplychain.
TFM_RA5: The student knows how to assess the performance and quality of a project to improve and technify the supply chain.


Realization of a research project or on a practical case in a real company. For more details see the "TFM Elaboration Guide".


Face-to-face modality, Online Guided and Online Self Driven

The methodology used is based on Project Based Learning (PBL), so that the subject is organized into:
• Work sessions supervised by the teachers, who act as mentors of the work to be done, providing suggestions and guidelines. It will be the responsibility of the students to investigate and deepen the best practices for the development of a project.
• Presentation and final defense before a court, which will evaluate the subject.


Face-to-face modality, Online Guided and Online Self Driven

The TFM will be evaluated by a tribunal composed of a president and two members.
The evaluation of the subject will be based on the individual performance of the student and the defense of the work before a court, according to the following distribution:

• Work of the subject (50%)
• Court filing (50%)

The grade is out of 10 and is passed with a grade equal to or greater than 5.
To defend the TFM, students must have passed all the subjects of the master's degree.

Evaluation Criteria

Face-to-face modality, Online Guided and Online Self Driven

• Depth of supply chain analysis
• Adaptation of the improvement proposals to the reality of the company
• Economic valuation of the proposals
• Professionalism of the presentation (convincing argumentation, persuasiveness,... )
• Graphical presentation (structure, easy to follow, supports arguments)

Basic Bibliography

The specific of each of the subjects of the master's degree

Additional Material

The propior of each of the subjects of the master's degree

List of Professors
Concha Gaudó Fernando