We only have one nomination period a year where our partners must nominate the students who will come in the 1st semester (Fall), in the 2nd semester (Spring) and the entire academic year, this nomination round takes place:  

From APRIL 1 until APRIL 30th, 2023 

To nominate students, the coordinators of the home university must complete the nomination form, to obtain this form, send an email to  


There is an application period for students who will come in Fall:  

FROM MARCH 1st until MARCH 30th, 2023  

And another period for students who will come in Spring:  

From OCTOBER 1st UNTIL OCTOBER 30th, 2023 

Nominated students will receive an email one week before the application period begins with the form that must be completed before the deadline is met. In this form, students must place their basic academic and personal information and also attach:  

  1. A digital photo 

  1. Digital copy of your passport 

  1. Transcript of Records 

  1. Official Language Certificate minimum level B2 - The English certificate is necessary if the student will take a program in a language other than their native language. 

  1. Motivation letter 


One week after the application round, when the applications have been evaluated, all students will receive an email with their resolution. Accepted students will receive an acceptance letter and those who need it, a visa letter. Visa requirements are different for each country, so each student must consult how to process their study visa at their nearest 

Spanish consulate. More information about Visas and residence permits HERE: