Building construction management: interior design

Master of Science in Building Construction Management: Interior Design

Become a professional in interior architecture and design, execute and direct interior architecture projects of private, domestic, public and commercial spaces

Nid: 1516

On completion of the Master, you will be able to:

  • Work as a management technician with specific skills to develop you professionally as a specialist.
  • Manage the development of a work.
  • Identify and apply legal foundations related to architecture and cons-truction.
  • Use the advanced technical and technological tools applied to the interior architecture.
  • Manage and direct the quality control of materials, control of the exe-cution of the work units, testing and final tests of the interior architec-ture.
  • Understand the user's relationships with the space around him, evolving according to the trends and ways of life.
  • Relate customer-environment-habitat-technology, in terms of functionality and comfort.
  • Work as a qualified in inerior architecture projects.
  • To deepen development and sensitivity in order to resolve constructive details from a technical and artistic point of view.