Degree in Electronic Engineering - Minor in Robotics

Become a qualified specialist focused in the field of robotics applied to sectors such as social, educational, therapeutic or care

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Career Opportunities

The qualification that you will obtain with the Degree in Telecomunication Electronic Engineering – Robotics, offers you a wide range of carrer opportunities, especially in the creation of new products and services in electronic equipment, such as instruments, computers, control and communication equipment, etc. And research in R&D laboratories.

In addition, the Mention in Robotics will give you a specialization in the world of robotics applied to multiple sectors, among which social, educational, therapeutic and care robotics.

Some of the carrer opportunities that can be reached with this degree are:

  • Telecommunication Technical Engineer, combining the engineering (development) science (research) and the society (application).
  • Design of digital systems for implementation in FPGAs or ASICs.
  • Design and deployment of control and power systems.
  • Design and management of automation and home automation systems.
  • Advising and consulting in cases of accreditations and technical standards related to telecommunications and electronics.
  • Development, innovation and research projects.
  • Design of robotic systems and applications.
  • Artificial Intelligence systems applied to robotics.
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical and telecommunications infrastructures.