Program in Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise

Delve into the world of AI and discover its business application

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Artificial Intelligence in Business (25 hours)

1. Introduction and Context (5 hours)

  • Introduction and Evolution of Artificial Intelligence (1 hour)
  • bAI Applications in Business (1 hour)
  • Design Thinking workshop applied to AI. (3 hours)

2. AI in Practice (7 hours)

  • AI and Decision Making, AI and Process Automation (1 hours)
  • Generative AI and AI Tools (2 hours)
  • Workshop, definition of challenges. (4 hours)

3. Business AI Applications (6 hours)

  • AI and Data Analytics (examples: predictive analytics, customer segmentation, anomaly detection) (1 hours)
  • Case studies in the application of AI in business (example: use of AI in price optimization, sentiment analysis, demand prediction) (1 hours)
  • Selected project development workshop (4 hours)

4. Masterclasses (7 hours)

  • Masterclass: AI and Innovation in Business (2 hours)
  • Masterclass: Emerging applications of AI in business (2 hours)
  • Masterclass: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (2 hours)

5. Final project presentations and discussion (1 hours)

6. Exam and closing of the first year

Management and Governance of Artificial Intelligence (50 hours)

1. AI Strategy and Management (8 hours)

  • AI Strategies in Business (2 hours)
  • AI Value Chain and AI Project Management (2 hours)
  • Practical workshop on use case in strategy and leadership with AI. (4 hours)

2. AI implications (12 hours)

  • AI and Digital Transformation (4 hours)
  • AI Risks and Security (1 hour)
  • AI ethics and bias in AI algorithms (2 hours)
  • AI Regulation and Policy (2 hours)
  • Workshop on ethics: Practical case of ethical assessment of AI models. (3 hours)

3. Case Studies (6 hours)

  • Case studies in AI management and governance (example: implementation of an AI strategy in an organization, AI risk management) (2 hours)
  • Use cases of data analytics tools and decision making supported by AI models (2 hours)
  • Masterclass: AI and business ethics (2 hours)

4. AI project (12 hours)

  • Approach to the execution of an AI project. Own development vs outsourcing (3 hours)
  • Implementation of an AI project in a business scenario (7 hours)
  • Case studies in the practical application of AI (example: development of a chatbot for customer service, creation of a machine learning model to predict customer dropout) (2 hours)

5. Masterclass (8 hours)

  • Masterclass: Case study in the energy sector (2 hours)
  • Masterclass: AI and Corporate Social Responsibility (2 hours)
  • Masterclass: AI and sustainability. (2 hours)
  • Masterclass: AI and the Future of Work (2 hours)

6. Final project presentations and discussion (3 hours)

7. Exam and closing of the program (1 hour)