Degree in Digital Arts - Minor in Concept Art

Boost your inner artist with the most advanced technology

Nid: 24211

The new 4-year academic plan will train you as a complete digital artist.

  • You will acquire the fundamentals of traditional Fine Arts and the most innovative technological tools for the development of a digital artwork.
  • You will have a solid cultural, creative, and artistic foundation that will prepare you to identify styles, references and aesthetic periods of contemporary art and visual culture, as well as to adequately apply the vocabulary and artistic concepts.
  • You will develop artistic and creative knowledge allowing you to reflect on and analyze any artistic or creative project or work.
  • You will develop skills of observation and representation of ideas and concepts with an artistic vision. You will identify, control, and apply the techniques of drawing and sculpture for the resolution of artistic projects.
  • You will learn to identify, synthesize, and apply the techniques and skills of 2D and 3D creation and production, both traditional and digital, applied to artistic projects.
  • You will use the basics of light, color, design, photography, and image post-production to develop visual artistic creations.
  • You will know how to design and create visual content, graphic interfaces and interactive environments following design, usability, and accessibility criteria.
  • You will learn on how to work in multidisciplinary teams in multicultural environments where you will develop your soft skills.
  • You will present your projects at off-campus institutions, and professionals are invited to view your work.