Degree in Digital Arts - Minor in Concept Art

Boost your inner artist with the most advanced technology

Nid: 24211
Elective Subjects
Semester 1Semester 2
Multimedia production II (6)
Methodology and technology of programming (10)
Design and Usability I (5)
Design and usability II (5)
Multimedia production I (4)
Virtual concept art (6)Visual development (6)
Creature design (6)3D concept art (6)
Organic environment design (3)Character design (6)
Illustration (6)Non-organic environment design (3)
Storyboard (6)Digital creation (4)
Social media environments (5)Textures (3)
Department collaboration I (6)Installation design (6)
Management skills (3)Advanced 3D design (6)
Games design (4)Digital photography II (3)
Marketing Management (4)Department collaboration II (6)
Department collaboration V (4)Audiovisual production (4)
Sound design (6)Story board II (3)
Design of multidisciplinari projects (6)Advanced editing and color grading (4)
Muliplatform design (6)Department collaboration VI (4)
Department collaboration III (3)Internship III (3)
Digital composition I (3)Intelligent environments (6)
Digital painting II (4)Creative programming II (3)
Internship II (4)Virtual production (5)
Audiovisual dramaturgy (3)2D animation II (4)
Graphic design II (3)Department collaboration IV (3)
2D animation (4)Project management (4)
Creative programming I (3)Music and digital sound effects (4)
Visual Effects VFX I (3)Brand management and social media (5)
3D Computer Graphics (5)Visual effects VFX II (5)
Digital character design (4)Character screenplay (4)
Light art & video mapping (6) 
Digital marketing in social media (5) 
Filming (3) 
Video Game Productions (6) 
Digital marketing strategies (5) 
Animation IV (4) 
Experimental animation (4)