Course in Project Management in the Company

Become a professional able to apply a strategic and business vision to your projects, programs or portfolios, and acquire management and leadership capacity to carry them to term with excellence

Nid: 4369

Project Management in the Company

1. Projects in organisation
- The Company: types and models
- Organisation structures
- Impact of a project on the company and its organisation
- Conclusions

2. Program & Portfolio Management
- Enterprise Project Management Model (EPM)
- Portfolio Management (PPM)
- Program Management (PM)
- Exercises and examples

3. Project Management Office (PMO)
- Definition, goals and main functions
- Organisational structure and implementation
- Benefits and competitive advantages
- Exercises of conflict resolution using PMO

4. The Critical Chain
- Characteristics, problems and requirements in managing project flows
- Causes of problems in the management of mono-projects
- CCPM planning and programming in mono-projects
- The Critical Chain
- Project and feeding buffers

5. Decision making
- Levels of and types of decisions
- The decision making cycle
- Certainties, risks and barriers
- Decision making support tools
- Exercises: application of support methods to decision making

6. Business Intelligence tools
- Introduction to Business Intelligence
- BI Portals technologies: cubes, dashboards, KPI, mining
- Big Data
- Introduction to the concept of Date Warehouses, ETL and associated processes

7. Organisational change management
- Context of change management in the company
- Types of change in the company
- Phases in the change management process: critical factors
- Emotional management

8. Organisational change management (a practical view)
- In the company: a practical context of change
- Case studies and real experiences
- Exercises: communication plan

9. Case study – Final presentation + test and end of course
- Feedback from the exercises handed in
- Test on knowledge acquired
- Presentation of projects by each group
- Preparation of the approach and solution; Q&A
- Final conclusions and end of course