Course in Project Management in the Company

Become a professional able to apply a strategic and business vision to your projects, programs or portfolios, and acquire management and leadership capacity to carry them to term with excellence

Nid: 4369

The training you will receive in this course is based on:

  • Theoretical expositions.
  • Exercises to support theoretical expositions.
  • Formation of work groups to carry out projects.

The virtual campus will be used as a basis for the development of the classes. The documentation, references and activities will be programmed on the virtual campus. As well as the general forums, consultation forums, activity forums and the repositories for the delivery of projects.


Smart Learning

The new normality requires a new way of teaching and learning, adapted to a constantly changing situation that demands flexible learning, without having a single methodology, but multiple options that, in an intelligent and technological way, adapt to all new educational needs of students.

La Salle Campus Barcelona, anticipating this new educational context with which we are going to coexist next year and in the long term, has developed a new personalized, flexible, intelligent educational model based on the use of technology that adapts to the needs of face-to-face, blended, distance and online education, in all its multiple versions and possible combinations, according to the needs of the program and the students.

We have called this new model, which considers possible new scenarios, Smart learning and it will be implemented starting in September 2020.

With this new post-Covid educational education model, we reinforce and strengthen our educational method "Learning by Challenge" that enhances our differentiating DNA based on: technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization to train people with values, people who contribute and that it is one of the differentiating characteristics of La Salle students. An educational model in which the student is at the center of the educational process and that responds to the new needs of our students and society and to the new needs of companies and institutions.