20 January 2022

La Salle-URL favors equal opportunities: half of the new undergraduate students study with scholarships

The Campus allocates more than 3.5 million euros to grants and subsidies

La Salle Campus Barcelona promotes equal opportunities for all young people who want to study on the Campus through its scholarship program, which includes more than thirty grants and subsidies for undergraduate, master's and specialization course students. Putting the focus on people, La Salle-URL wants to protect university access for all people with the necessary skills, regardless of their economic, family and origin circumstances; each person —with their situation, their conjuncture and their file— is analysed in a personalized way.

In this way, 48% of new undergraduate students for the 2021-2022 academic year are studying with scholarships, having benefited from some of the grants intended for students in these programs. In total, during the past academic year, 4.4 million euros were allocated to the granting of 1426 scholarships. Of these 4.4 million euros, 81% (over 3.5 million euros) were the university's own funds and the rest, 19%, were donations. One out of every three students who attends a program at La Salle-URL, whether it is an undergraduate, postgraduate or specialization course, does so with a scholarship.

The La Salle-URL scholarship program focuses on female talent and sustainability

Many of the scholarships and grants from La Salle-URL want to promote the access of young women to STEM studies (acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), reversing the historical trend and encouraging female talent to commit to their passion. Therefore, for example, the 'La Salle Women Engineers' scholarship is awarded to five women with a good academic record. The 'Woman Tech Empowerment' scholarship, for its part, is committed to a future with more women in leadership positions. To do this, the scholarship is granted for women who want to be an active part of the changes in society.

In this line of support for female talent, this academic year the Sanofi scholarships have been launched in collaboration with this biopharmaceutical corporation, one of the most important global companies in the sector and a reference in contributing positively to society by responding to health needs. With the commitment to sponsor the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the six Sanofi scholarships are intended for future students of the masters linked to Big Data, SAP functional consulting and logistics and supply chain.

On the other hand, in its commitment to a fairer and more sustainable world, and believing in the importance of the comprehensive eduaction of students, many of the master's grants are intended for people who want to be co-responsible for improving society. For example, the 'Social Impact' scholarship awards candidates who prove their experience in promoting equality and the development of society through personal projects or volunteering. With the 'Climate Action' scholarship, for its part, La Salle-URL financially supports those candidates who are involved in projects or actions in the field of sustainability or climate change.