Postgraduate in Environmental Acoustics

If you like acoustics and want to make a contribution providing environmental and future solutions to society, this is your postgraduate course. You will learn what types of noise generate acoustic pollution, how to measure them, control them and what sol

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The online methodology of La Salle-URL, own and active, is based on situational learning and self-directed learning. With Situational Learning we teach you, through the challenges, to address real problems and situations of the company with which you can consolidate the new knowledge acquired. With Self-directed Learning, you decide how to advance your training from your previous experience.

  • We have based on the constructivist method, we adapt to your previous knowledge so that you take full advantage of the time you dedicate to your training.

  • With our online methodology you will always be accompanied by coordinators and mentors, expert teachers of each subject, who are active and will advise you to solve the challenges and advance your training.

  • The student develops challenges that certify their knowledge and their ability to apply them during the week through the learning guides and all the additional material. Synchronous sessions are held with each mentor, experts in each subject, which presents the challenge and collects feedback from the group, clarifies doubts and questions of each challenge and discusses in group.