Online University Expert in Project Management

Acquire a practical vision of the Project Manager profession with the tools and best practices to execute projects

Official name
University Expert Certificate in Project Management
Degree certificate issued by Universitat Ramon Llull
Modality Online Guided Learning
Duration 4 Months
Language Spanish
Places available 30
Credits 15-ECTS
Start Date 20 May 2024
Schedule Synchronous and flexible sessions
Location Barcelona

Professionals have always managed the projects without any specific training. For this reason, Project Management has been called "the accidental profession".

In the University Expert Course in Project Managemet we will teach you from the basics to the most advanced Project Management concepts, focusing on the most recognized and used standards.

The course is composed of 3 modules (which can be taken independently):

  • Project Management. You will learn about triple restriction in projects.
  • Advanced Project Management. You will review all the areas of knowledge that are part of the management / direction of a project through an integrative vision: Resources, Purchasing, Quality, Communication, Stakeholders, Risk. And you will get closer to the processes of Monitoring, Control and Closing the projects.
  • Advanced Project Management in the Company. You will be introduced to the company's approach and strategy when designing projects, programs and portfolios. 

Upon successful completion of the final exam of the course, you will obtain the University Expert Certificate in Project Management (15 ECTS) from Ramon Llull University.

Students who wish to study the Master's Degree in Project Management (60 ECTS) will be able to validate the 15 ECTS credits acquired during the course.



Some or all of the cost of this course may be covered by FUNDAE training funds.

La Salle-URL is accredited by FUNDAE as a training provider, and we provide all the information required so you can request funding for your course from said body.​

We offer special bonuses to those companies that enroll several participants in the same course or in different courses within the current academic year.

proof of the quality of our training
Improved professionally or changed company

I am fortunate to have completed this course, my expectations have been exceeded and the result inspiring. From the first session I have applied the knowledge in my day to day work.

Ángel Pérez Isorna, Project Manager at Kais Software


ATP (Authorized Training Partner)


PMI Chapter Barcelona

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