Course on Management and Governance of Artificial Intelligence

You will have the opportunity to implement an AI project in a real business scenario.

Nid: 25429
  1. Provide students with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI), its evolution and its applications in the business world.
  2. Provide practical insight into how AI can be applied in business, including decision making, process automation, and data analysis.
  3. Allow students to experience the practical application of AI through workshops and challenges, including definition, ideation and conceptualization of those selected.
  4. Teach students about AI strategy and management, including the AI value chain and AI project management.
  5. Address the implications of AI,  including digital transformation, risks and security, ethics, bias in algorithms, regulation and policy of AI.
  6. Provide students with a deeper insight into current and emerging issues in the field of AI through masterclasses with international experts.
  7. Allow students to apply what they have learned through final presentations of challenges and discussions.