Course in Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking

Course in Corporate Entrepreneurship

Apply creative thinking to your work, innovate and take an entrepreneurial idea to the market.

Nid: 7411

Introduction to corporate entrepreneurship

  • The connection between corporate entrepreneurship and startups
  • Exercise: Innovation Thesis
  • Ambidextrous companies

Scalable Entrepreneur Tools

  • Introduction to Customer Discovery
  • How to Interview
  • Exercise: How to Interview
  • Lean Startup

Introduction to Corporate Venturing tools

  • Startup weeks and accelerators
  • Startups Valuation

Corporate Venturing tools with shares taking

  • Taking shares of startups
  • Structuring operations with startups:
  • -> Technical aspects
  • -> Legal aspects

Startups evaluation

  • Startup evaluation criteria
  • Practical exercise of startups evaluation
  • Project presentation preparation

Practical experience on Corporate Venturing and investment

  • Experience of a Corporate Venturing
  • Experience of an investor
  • Final presentation
  • Closing round table with the participants

Final deliverables

  • Project presentation + Validation process result
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship Plan