Course in Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking

Course in Corporate Entrepreneurship

Apply creative thinking to your work, innovate and take an entrepreneurial idea to the market.

Nid: 7411
  • You will boost the skills and knowledge to launch individual or corporate entrepreneurship initiatives and startup projects.
  • You will acquire tools and skills that allow you to implement an entrepreneurship process from the idea to its implementation in the market.
  • You will learn what the value proposition means to a customer, and you will know the concepts and methods that help determine the competitive advantages of a product and / or service.
  • You will obtain the fundamental knowledge, necessary to successfully carry out entrepreneurial projects within the existing innovation ecosystem, in terms of business model, business plan and financing capabilities.
  • You will know the main Corporate Entrepreneurship strategies and you will be able to choose them based on the company's requirements and its level of maturity.