Each student is different and, therefore, they may have different educa-tional needs. In Attention to Diversity we focus on those students who need either special attention or an extra help and support in order to carry out the academic activities. Our goal is that every student can achieve the learning outcomes to meet the requirements of the degree of their choice.

In the Support Service for Students, educational programs and learning methodologies are adapted depending on those special educational needs that could affect the development of your learning process.

Attention to diversity is aimed at the following:

  • Students with special educational needs
  • Disabilities and impariments, either
  • Psychical disabilities
  • Motor disabilities
  • Sensorial disabilities and impairments
  • Learning Disorders
  • Illnesses in general
  • Students with different characteristics and abilities
  • Elite athletes
    • Tutorsport Program: with the commitment to help balance academic life and sports practice, we will assign you a tutor who will accompany you throughout your career and provide you with academic contacts in each case. For more information, you can contact the Global Student Office where we will inform you and accompany you during the process.
  • Students who work and study at the same time

The tutors offer tailored attention in order to adapt both the programs and the methodologies to each student.