Interior architecture of a public commercial space

Postgraduate in Interior Architecture. Public and Private Spaces

With this postgraduate course you will learn how to create and execute creative, innovative and high quality projects incorporating technology, art and design

Nid: 515

With this program you will be able to direct an interior architecture project from the initial idea until its finalisation :

  • You will learn to design, execute and direct projects of interior architecture of public and commercial spaces taking into account the brand guidelines.
  • You will delve into the specific production characteristics of the different design modalities in relation to the working, commercial and public space.
  • You will know the requirements of the corporate entities.
  • You will learn to value and work with the new technologies in the conditioning of the physical space.
  • You will analyse the customer-environment-habitat-technology relationship, from the point of view of the functionality and comfort of the interior spaces and the cultural surroundings of the users.
  • You will acquire an open vision for the interdisciplinary work between professionals when participating in the drafting of an interior architecture project (acoustical specialists, lighting specialists, sound specialists, etc.).
  • You will deepen in the development of constructive details from a technical and artistic point of view.
  • You will keep in touch with the business and professionals with which you will develop your activity in the future.