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Course in Pharma and Biotech Project Management

Learn to plan, manage and direct R &D & i projects in the Chemical-Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological field

Nid: 20507

The aim of the Pharma and Biotech Project Management Course is to know and understand in depth the conditions related to the management of R & D & i projects in the life sciences sector.

The main objective is that you acquire sufficient criteria to properly apply the methodologies, tools and techniques learned to the different casuistry of the sector and in real life.

  1. To understand the recent evolution and current situation of the sector.
  2. Know the diversity of business models, organizational structures and approaches to R & D & i.
  3. Know the peculiarities of the main models.
  4. To understand the life cycle of a specific project in the sector.
  5. Be aware of the contribution of professionalized project management.
  6. Study the most useful tools, techniques and methodologies in the sector.
  7. Know the tools, techniques and specific methodologies of the sector.
  8. Acquire your own criteria to adapt project management to each particular case.
  9. Introduce some peculiarities when the projects are carried out in a business environment together with the academic environment.