We are offering a series of Formative Workshops that can be held online or on Campus for your students.



Architecture, a plastic activity

Discover architecture through drawing, creating scenarios and using different drawing techniques. Get to grips with free-hand drawing and discover the perspective and proportion in all our surroundings.

Discover Virtual Architecture

Experience 3D tours of a range of buildings, using your own phone through a QR code. Also, get to know the different systems of representation used in the most innovative architecture through plans and photographs.


Social Networks and Entrepreneurship

Think of innovative ideas relating to different entrepreneurial projects and develop a new product idea to launch on the market. Share it on social networks; create the product profile on lnstagram and generate the first 3 posts to help you maximise "engagement" with your audience.

Ideas in action: Design your business model

What is the real business of Google, Facebook, Wallapop and WhatsApp? How do they make money? Learn about their business models and how they generate value for users. Now imagine different ways to create new business models that are sustainable in the long term.



Apply engineering and computational thinking to design and develop a virtual Scape Room. Decipher possible clues and interact with the various objects available to find the key and escape.

Listening to the Space

You'll learn how, using a simple radio receiver and an antenna built by yourself, you can receive signals from satellites, meteorites, the international space station or planes flying over us.

Artificial intelligence with Robobo

Work with Robobo on artificial intelligence. Machine Learning allows robots to learn based on responses to stimuli. Create an algorithm using Robobo as an interactive element in real context.

Lego Mindstorms Robotic Pet

Show off your creativity by thinking up a robot model that can interact with humans. Design a pet that interacts using touch, ultrasound, colour and gyroscopic sensors. Use the screen and speakers to show reactions.

Lego Mindstorms Tightrope-Walking Robot

Develop your creativity by designing a robot model that can walk across tightropes with varying slopes. You'll have to consider the gears and set up a viable idea so that the robot can move almost vertically.

Wheel-less Walker, Lego Mindstorms Robotics

Increase your creativity by thinking up a robot model that can move without wheels. Assemble and programme a moving robot capable of running races.

Walk through a virtual world

Using predetermined examples from different worlds, students will select the one they like the most to create a 3D stage using 3Ds Max. Once it is created, they will vote and the winner will be inserted into the VR glasses to be able to walk around that world by capturing motion. .


Ethical Hackers

Immerse yourself in the world of cybersecurity. Find out about the importance of network security and learn hacker methodologies, types of attacks and tools to combat them. By the end you’ll be able to hack into a server!


Motion capture: How is a video game produced?

Learn about the production process behind a video game. Think of an idea, develop your story and give the characters form and movement through our Motion Capture Medialab.

Claymotion: Stop animation with plasticine

Create a short story, design the characters and other elements using plasticine, model it and start shooting! Get a small audiovisual fragment combining animation using new technologies.

Digital Arts Artists of the future

If you think art has no limits, this workshop is for you, as you’ll discover the importance of new technologies in the world of art and how the most innovative digital tools can be applied in your creations. Unleash your creativity and use technology to come up with innovative and amazing art, and take your creations to the next level.