26 April 2023

Students of more than 90 nationalities study at La Salle-URL

More than 1,800 students on campus are international

During the 2022-2023 academic year, the La Salle-URL university campus welcomes students of more than 90 different nationalities, the highest number in its history. Of the total of more than 5,500 students who are studying a program at La Salle-URL, some 1,800 are of international origin. In other words, one in three students who study at La Salle-URL come from outside Catalonia and Spain.

In this way, La Salle-URL continues to grow as a preferred option among international students who decide to pursue university studies in Barcelona. Likewise, La Salle-URL consolidates as an international and globally connected campus, with university agreements with more than 150 universities around the world and that has talented educators and researchers who come from all continents.

Half of the international students (more than 900) who study at La Salle-URL during the 22-23 academic year come from Latin American countries, close to a third (more than 500) are European, 12% (more than 200 students) come from Asia and Oceania, 5% (about 100 students) are from the United States and Canada and, finally, about 3% (some 50 students) are from African countries.

In addition, La Salle-URL has degrees taught 100% in English, which grow in number of students each year:

The Internacional Club La Salle welcomes and guides international students

International students count on their arrival on campus with the International Club La Salle (CILS), an entity that welcomes and guides new students and helps them to adapt to the university and the city. In addition, CILS assists in the integration of these students through events organized on campus and leisure and entertainment activities, and provides them with a network of contacts and networking for their interpersonal relationships.