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Degree in Management of Business and Technology

Internationality, technology, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, values, and both people and team management are the keys to define this degree. Includes international stages.

Official name
Graduate in Management of Business and Technology
Degree certificate issued by The Ministry of Education
Modality On-site On-site
Duration 4 Years 4 Years
Language Catalan - Spanish - English English
Places available 225 225
Credits 240-ECTS 240-ECTS
Start Date 02 September 2024 02 September 2024
Schedule Monday to Friday Monday to Friday
Location Barcelona Barcelona
International Stage Another destination in the world, USA Another destination in the world, USA

With the Degree in Management of Business & Technology you will receive training in business administration and acquire a profile which is much sought-after by today's companies. Internationality, globality, technology, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship,ethics and people and team management form the core of this degree program and are the basis on which we will develop your personal qualities and professional skills.

  • The Degree in Management of Business and Technology will provide you with all the knowledge you need in order to be competitive in a global business environment.
  • You will study in a campus where the business world, the latest technology available, and a business incubator are combined in order to allow students to gain understanding about all that technology can provide us.
  • Your lessons will take place in small groups consisting of students and teachers of more than 90 nationalities; hence, you will gain a multi-cultural experience that will prepare you for the reality that an activity such as the management of international companies entails.
  • You will live international experiences visiting the main technological reference cities worldwide.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in the "National Model United Nations" project in New York. Study trips to London (Sports Management), Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt (Digital Economy). 
  • You will be able to enjoy a wide exchange programme and study abroad for one or two semesters in the following countries: The United States of America, Australia, China, Germany, Holland, Argentina, The United Kingdom, Colombia, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

This degree can be taken exclusively in English or in both Spanish and English.

On this degree program you can specialize in:

  • Digital Economy
  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sports Management
Of index of occupation of our students
Career Opportunities
international students

“La Salle prepared me in terms of personal growth as well as professional growth, and also in terms of friendship and values that I will cherrish for my whole life.”  

Berta Montilla, 4th Degree in Management of Business & Technology

“What I found is that La Salle-URL drives you to education excellence. All the professors are coming from international and global backgrounds and this really teaches you how to think globally.”

Alexander Sitnikov, 2nd Degree in Management of Business & Technology

“The first year we went to Shanghai, China, and it was an incredible experience. The culture is super different, the businesses as well… we had some talks about what the economy is like there, why it is different from Spain and well, apart from what you learn, you have a great time.

Marc Borràs, 2nd Degree in Management of Business & Technology


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