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Degree in Animation and VFX

Become a professional in 3D computer generated imagery, including special effects and 3D artwork. The Degree in Animation at La Salle Campus Barcelona is the first official undergraduate degree program in Catalonia.

Official name
Degree in Animation
Degree certificate issued by The Ministry of Education
Modality On-site On-site
Duration 4 Years 4 Years
Language Catalan - Spanish - English English
Places available 120 120
Credits 240-ECTS 240-ECTS
Start Date 04 September 2023 04 September 2023
Schedule Morning the first year. Mornings and afternoons the rest of the years. Morning the first year. Mornings and afternoons the rest of the years.
Location Barcelona Barcelona

Our Degree in Animation will provide you with a solid artistic and creative grounding in the field of animation and visual effects. You will learn about the latest technological advances in 3D animation, learn how to use them as well as acquiring a global vision of the sector and becoming an expert in VFX.

You will work the fundamentals of art, scripting, design and film-making, and you will learn the principles of anatomy, movement and acting.

You will be trained in all the stages of production:

  • Pre-production: Ideas, Creativity, Screenplay, Design, Narrative and Storyboard.
  • Production: 3D Modelling, Textures-Shading, Rigging, Animation, Illumination, Render and FX.
  • Post-Production: Composition, Assembly and Colour Correction. 3D VFX and Motion Graphics.
  • Industry: Distribution, Finance, Intellectual Property, Project Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

In addition, this degree will enable you to:

  • Create your own ideas, scripts and characters.
  • Work in singular laboratories such as Medialab and Mediadome, Paintworkers, Sculpture and High-performance Computing Laboratories.
  • Develop projects with students from other degree programs in multidisciplinary groups.
  • Create your own digital portfolio with all the artwork done.
  • Study on exchange programs and stages in leading universities in the multimedia sector.




Get to know everything related to the Animation & vfx degree at La Salle Campus Barcelona.

A sample of works

La Salle Animation Talents 2022 - Presentation of the FDP's at the Phenomena Cinema

TFGs fourth year students -2021

Summary of works of the 4th year Animation students, course 21-22

Interview with the students of the 4th year of Animation, course 20-21

4th year student projects

Reel of the Animation & VFX students of La Salle Campus BCN

Animation & vfx student's projects

Álex León's project, 3rd year student.

Amanda Ferrer's project, 3rd year student.

Luis Galindo's project, 3rd year student.

Dani Rojas' project, 3rd year student.

Judit Baulés' project, 3rd year student.

Sergi Díez's project, 3rd year student.

Cintia Sabater's project, 2nd year student.

Xiao Peng's project, 2nd year student.

Martina Roca's project, 2nd year student.

Sílvia Gómez's project, 2nd year student.

Activities of our students

La Salle Art & Animation Fest 


The students of the undergraduate degree in animation and vfx visit the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2019

Best moments of the La Salle Animation Fest 2019

Learn more about the degree

Our students at the Annecy Animation Festival

Interview to Félix Balbàs, program director

Interview with Finnian MacManus. guest speaker at La Salle Animation Festival 2019

Interview to Jean Claude Nouchy, VFX artist

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