03 February 2022

'Spiral', the transversal installation of La Salle-URL that participates in the Llum BCN

The Llum BCN, one of the main cultural and artistic events in Barcelona, ​​returns in this 2022 edition, which will be held between February 4 and 6, with an installation by students from La Salle-URL. Spiral, which reflects on time and life, is also the first transversal intervention that the Campus presents at this annual event, in which students from the degrees of Architecture, Digital Arts and Digital Interaction and Computing Techniques have participated with the support of professors from the areas of Engineering, Architecture and Animation and Digital Arts.

Spiral is a project that talks about life, "in which there are no beginnings or endings, there are milestones along the path of each person," according to the authors. The intervention seeks for people to become light by interacting with the spiral, where light variations are generated, becoming a spectacle both for those who observe it from the outside and for those who walk through it from within. The installation, which will be located in the Parc del Centre del Poblenou (Av. Diagonal, 130, Barcelona), is the work of seven students from La Salle-URL: Ilan David, Albert Barranco, José Javier Miranda, Iris Querol, Lorelai Baiget, Victor Lopez and Ignasi Garrido. Four Campus professors have followed up on the project: Alfons Hosta and Manel Parès from Architecture, Flor Salatino from the Digital Interaction Techniques degree and Carlos Anselmo from Digital Arts.

The Llum BCN festival turns the Barcelona neighborhood of Poblenou into an urban laboratory that challenges the senses and marks future trends in the world of art, design, urban lighting and citizen participation. In addition, it is a pole of attraction for international talent and every year it has the participation of some of the benchmarks of digital arts. In the 2021 edition, for example, the director of the Digital Arts degree at La Salle-URL, Xavi Bové, was one of the invited artists.