Sons al Balcó

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La Salle
ISGlobal - Dra Maria Foraster
Wednesday, 20 May, 2020

"Sons al Balcó" project aims to study the effect that the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused on the perception of noise in Catalonia. The research activities cohabit with the dynamic collaboration with citizens and other stakeholders to create social and environmental impact, to widen awareness and design tools to improve citizenship development and empowerment. The initial scientific hypothesis is that the annoyance coming from outdoor noise, minimized by the lockdown effect, could be associated with better perception of the soundscape by people. For this purpose, the project started with the design of online test to be conducted by any citizen aiming to contribute to this wide study for all the territory of Catalonia, both from rural areas and from cities. A communication campaign was conducted to reach a significant participation. During the lockdown, more than 350 questionnaires and videos were collected, and a first map of the soundscape of the confinement in Catalonia was depicted. "Sons al Balcó" is now working to validate this hypothesis in three different ways. The first one, by means of the subjective questionnaires conducted to people living in pre-defined diverse acoustic areas (urban, suburban and rural environments). The second one, using the measurements conducted by the same citizens answering the questionnaires, with the study of the soundscape, taking into account image and sound, of all those areas using the short pieces of video collected by citizens. Finally, by means of the study of the equivalent level measurements collected during the lockdown in the cities with operative acoustic sensor networks. "Sons al Balcó" aims to synthesize the perception of the citizens in lockdown, and conclude its dependence on objective sound levels, characteristics of the urbanism and the landscape and the typology of noise sources. 


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