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Financing entity
Comissió Europea
Thursday, 1 April, 2021 to Friday, 31 March, 2023

HOTSUP projects aims to improve/innovate online teaching so to fulfil the needs of Higher Education when delivering training in the hybrid and remote class, promote blending pedagogical, technical and technological aspects in the redesign of the training course (lessons, involvement in the training activities and learning’s verification), increase the teachers’ skills in the three aspects highlighted above, considered individually and in their mutual interactions. For reaching these specific objectives, the project will deliver ready-to-use solutions for: improving the skills of educators in various pedagogical methodologies, suggesting them practical online and free tool that could be used for delivering innovative training contents, identifying easy solutions to the most frequent technical problems
ensuring technological quality of the online lessons broadcasting and identifying in an automatic way by using Big Data technologies when the engagement of students in the online environment is decreasing.