Acciona y Conecta

Financing entity
Ajuntament de Barcelona
Friday, 23 December, 2022 to Sunday, 23 June, 2024
Head of project
Mónica Sánchez
Research Group
Project type

Sustainable mobility and circular economy are fundamental pillars in the fight against the climate crisis, covering all modalities of transport with minimal or zero impact on the environment. The sustainable mobility of people and goods allows access to education, culture, housing, work, leisure and food, it is part of millions of people every day and is one of the factors that most influence the path towards decarbonization, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improving the health of citizens and providing economic benefits. For this reason, it is essential to rethink mobility towards a more sustainable one by exploiting data.


This project aims to build a platform capable of helping contemporary cities in the transformation towards sustainable, resilient and healthy cities through the exploitation of data, both existing and sensors in the field. We propose to build a 2-layer platform committed to: (1) quantitative data processing, which can be merged, processed and visualized, using Big Data processing techniques to display relevant data and extract relevant information in the field of urban design, and (2) strategic system, which will assist in the definition of criteria to help citizens and regional governments to solve the problems derived from the design of contemporary cities.


The efficient use of available technologies, aimed at improving the quality of life of the population, will lead to greater care for the environment and the reduction of social inequality. The proposed approach will integrate into existing decision support systems by providing quantitative and qualitative suggestions on sustainable policy architecture to drive healthy environmental and mobility management.