Daniel Amo Filvà

Daniel Amo Filvà
Mobile work
Department of Engineering
Group of REsearch in Technology Enhanced Learning
Research Group

PhD in Education Sciences from the University of Salamanca (2020), with two master´s degrees in education and educational technology, University Master´s Degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Professional Training and Language Teaching (UNIR 2016) and University Master´s Degree in Education and ICT, specialization in Research (UOC 2014). He currently focuses his professional career on University teaching in the Department of Computer Engineering at La Salle, Ramon Lull University, and Research in the established research group GRETEL (Group of REsearch in Technology Enhanced Learning) recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya within the call 2017 SGR 934. Within GRETEL he coordinates the Educational Data Analytics research line with a special focus on the field of Learning, Feedback and Ethical Analytics. He actively participates in scientific congress committees and conferences to disseminate to society with knowledge resulting from his professional and personal research. He is the author of the books "Learning Analytics: the narrative of learning through data" (UOC OuterEdu) and "Learning analytics: 30 experiences in the classroom with data", the blog eduliticas.com, and the podcast connecta.danielamo.info.


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