In a world where you can be anything you want, choose to be yourself. Be Real, Be You invites the new students of La Salle Campus Barcelona to be authentic, innovative and technological. You are the engine of the Campus and with this campaign we put the focus on you.    

In offering you a transdisciplinary university experience through quality training. Because your future starts here, and we want to accompany you in this new stage. 

"In such a globalized and digitalized world, people can express themselves as they are"


In a world where you can be whoever you want, be yourself. At La Salle Campus Barcelona we help you turn your potential into your future. You are our engine; That is why we focus on you, the new generation of students. Because your future starts here, and we want to guide you through the experience.

You are the generation of authenticity, the collective, commitment, and technological experts. You are real people, and our mission is to show you that we are here with you. Walk the path together and train yourselves as professionals for the future you believe in.

Be Real, Be You encourages our students and future students to make decisions aligned with their values and beliefs, looking to the future with optimism and an international vision. A campaign that bets on you and values the confidence and enthusiasm of the new stage of each student.

Generation Z was born into a technological environment. You are digital natives and those who best understand digital transformation. A group that knows and accepts diversity and plurality better than other generations. Willing to communicate and oriented to dialogue, you want to change the future.

You chase your dreams. You are a generation marked by emotions that is not guided by what others think. You can think for yourselves and turn your potential into opportunities. That potential characterizes you and is part of your unique and authentic personality.

With Be Real, Be You we put the focus on you. To train you so that you become authentic professionals of the future and develop all your qualities.

New experiences, new friendships, and new projects will give your life a 360° turnaround. And that's why we want you to remain as real as you are now, even more so. We want you to achieve all these challenges from innovation, with a global vision and always being authentic.

The different methodologies of La Salle Campus Barcelona favor access to all students. Our Smart Learning model puts flexible, personalized, intelligent, and technological learning at your fingertips.

At La Salle Campus Barcelona we put all our efforts into offering students quality training and a university experience without barriers, wherever you are. We want you to be authentic, real, and yourself. May you develop your full potential and change the future of tomorrow.

Masters and specialized courses

In a world where you can be anything you want, be yourself. At La Salle Ramon Llull University we help you turn your potential into your future.

Train in an innovative, technological and entrepreneurial campus. In a pioneering university in Business and Engineering, where you will participate in the resolution of real challenges with leading companies and the best professionals recognized in each field.

La Salle's different methodologies favor access and learning for all students. We offer you on-campus on-site study modalities, guided online study and totally flexible online study, so that you can decide how you want to learn. All our models allow flexible, personalized, intelligent and technological learning.  We provide quality training and a 360º university experience with all the services at your disposal.

Live unique experiences that will lead you to your new future. Because your future starts here, and we want to accompany you in this new stage.

The most innovative Masters.