14 February 2023

La Salle-URL launches a new degree in Design and Creation of Interactive Products

The program will train experts in the user experience in applications, websites and other interactive products

La Salle-URL begins a new degree in Design and Creation of Interactive Products in the 23-24 academic year, an innovative program to train one of the most demanded profiles in the market: experts in the user experience to design, program and create all kinds of interactive products. The program was born with the endorsement of the experience of La Salle-URL in the fields of multimedia engineering, digital arts and interactive technologies, core elements of the academic program.

This new degree has art as a central and differential foundation with respect to classic engineering, to respond to the growing need of the technology sector to generate interactive products with a more artistic approach. "Students will learn to design from interactive installations to applications, both web and mobile", explains Guillem Villa, coordinator of the degree in Design and Creation of Interactive Products. In addition, the degree will allow students to train in the user experience, an area of ​​growing demand by companies in the sector to enrich the user interaction process with any type of interactive product.

The program includes a mention in video game design and development, which will allow students to become experts in audiovisual narrative, scenario modeling, video game programming and production, video game art, and sound effects. The students of the degree will benefit from transversal work with colleagues from other specialties, such as digital arts and multimedia engineering. Thanks to this multidisciplinary nature, students will become experts in storytelling and scriptwriting, animation, audiovisuals, management and business, user experience, video game design, and design and motion graphics.

First level laboratories to train the best professionals

The degree in Design and Creation of Interactive Products is paradigmatic of the transversal nature of the La Salle-URL studies and its clear professional focus. Students from various fields collaborate in multidisciplinary initiatives during their training journey on campus, becoming familiar with the dynamics of the company. Thus, for example, La Salle-URL students of Architecture, Digital Arts and Engineering degrees design an installation each year for the Llum BCN, one of the great cultural events in the city of Barcelona.

During the degree, students will work on real projects based on mixed reality and virtual reality, which they will develop hand in hand with leading companies in their sectors that endorse the talent of professionals from La Salle Campus Barcelona. The occupancy rate of graduates in the degrees taught by the La Salle-URL School of Engineering is 96%.

Along these lines, La Salle-URL has leading spaces and laboratories in the study of new technologies. The students will debut the Interactive Arts & Science Laboratory (IASlab), which from next year will be the multisensory hub of southern Europe, a sustainable space that will investigate the interaction between the real world and the virtual world. The students of the program will also learn to use transdisciplinary laboratories such as the Medialab, a space that mixes the latest generation of motion capture cameras and virtual reality glasses that allows solutions to the latest technological challenges. The metaverse, the interaction in mixed realities or the automatic learning of robots in their interaction with humans are some of the challenges that students will face during their studies.