02 February 2023

Architecture, Digital Arts and Engineering students represent La Salle-URL at Llum BCN

The 'Re Connecting' installation aims to claim nature and parks as part of the urban landscape

Engineering, Architecture and Digital Arts students from La Salle-URL participate in Llum BCN with the installation 'Re Connecting', a transversal project that claims the role of nature and parks as an essential part of the urban landscape, with a clear sustainable approach. Llum BCN, which takes place between February 3 and 5, is one of the most important cultural events held in Barcelona and in its 2023 edition once again features an installation by La Salle-URL students, carried out jointly by students from three of the fields of knowledge on campus.

"Nature is the source of life, and we wanted to represent it in our project, drawing inspiration from intact open spaces", explain the students responsible for 'Re Connecting'. The installation places a tree in its center, which becomes the heart of the initiative, and through curved, natural and organic shapes it tries to break with the trend of linear urbanization, a sensation that is also achieved thanks to the installation of mirrors. "This leads us to the occupation of the void and allows us to return to nature its leading role, and thanks to the lighting we get the sensation of living earth", describe the students.

The installation can be visited at the Museu d'Història de Barcelona (MUHBA), in the Parc del Centre del Poblenou. The students participating in the project are Irina Aynes and Marta Vilaseca (degree in Multimedia Engineering); Alistair Aguinaliu and Elisabet Romo (degree in Digital Arts); Hogne Maerde, Shelly Myers, Berkan Cetinbag and Gulce Keskinoglu (degree in Architecture). Professors of Engineering, Architecture and Digital Arts have followed up and given support to the project.

Every year the Llum BCN turns the Barcelona neighborhood of Poblenou into a great exhibition of lighting arts, which also serves to imagine the cities of tomorrow. "It is a collective experiment in perception and participation and an urban laboratory in which we explore how we could contemplate and inhabit our shared territory, the city, from new perspectives", explain the organizers. As every year, the festival will have the participation of some of the main visual artists of the moment.