We offer innovative responses to companies and public bodies in taking on their corporate challenges. When a corporation, be it public or private, faces a specific challenge or problem, La Salle Campus proposes creative and innovative solutions. Co-creation, disruptive innovation and headhunting are some of the tools we offer organisations.
Innovation and talent to find creative solutions to corporate challenges

How? ​

We propose solutions based on disruptive innovation and talent detection using agile methodologies that bring together students from different sectors: engineering, business and multimedia. This means companies can explore creative proposals while finding new ways of working and hunting talent in a university environment.

Our goals are:

  • To transmit creativity and co-creation techniques to both companies and students.
  • To increase and bring knowledge from a specific field to the students.
  • To apply the knowledge acquired to real projects.
  • To inspire participants' creativity.
  • A working methodology with multidisciplinary teams.
  • Contact with companies.