Double Degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics and Management of Business and Technology

Nid: 21690

The basic objective of the double Degree is to train professionals with the appropriate personal and professional skills to assume functions of data analysis and interpretation for decision making in positions of responsibility and management in the different strategic areas of companies.

You will be trained in creative and innovation processes, learning techniques and strategies to have and develop ideas that add value to the economy and society to have a vision and way of doing it sustainable and ethical, assuming responsibility to improve our society.

You will understand how new technologies are developed from a primarily business point of view. You will be able to identify the opportunities created by new technologies and how to capture the value they generate. Adopting a critical perspective of the risks and threats that may exist in this field and how to manage it in an ethical and sustainable way.

Once you have completed this degree, you will be prepared to be part of a new generation of professionals who are experts in the analysis and use of data.

You will differentiate yourself in the job market by having an official double university degree that allows you to work anywhere in the world.