The General Director of La Salle URL expresses his deep commitment to the Internal Quality Management System (IQMS), providing the necessary resources for its design, implementation and continuous improvement. Leadership by the Management Team, participation from stakeholders and a clear focus on the student all mean La Salle URL's IQMS is able to consolidate a process-based management system that meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

Letter of commitment from the General Director of La Salle URL - 2020 - Josep Martí Santos (Spanish)

The Rector of the Ramon Llull University supports the design and implementation of La Salle - URL's IQMS, which coexists alongside the quality policies promoted by the URL rector, which foster continuous improvement of the systems at each university centre.

Letter of commitment from the Rector of Ramon Llull University – 2010 – Ester Giménez-Salinas (Spanish)

La Salle URL Quality Policy

The Management Team of La Salle - URL, chaired by the General Director, aware of the importance of quality as a key aspect in the organisation’s future competitiveness, is committed to an effective, dynamic system of internal guarantees, with the student placed squarely at the centre of the organisation, while at the same time ensuring that the needs and expectations of stakeholders are met.

It is the goal of La Salle - URL to be a leading international university campus synonymous with quality, with a proven reputation for training people who make a difference. Through values that include faith, fraternity and the spirit of service, educators at La Salle - URL train professionals with the courage to develop a fairer, more sustainable society.

La Salle - URL's quality policy includes the following resolutions:

  • To establish a pedagogical model focused on the needs of the student and their diversity that can help the student make progress in their life project through the comprehensive, holistic education offered by the Lasallian project and the professional training provided at La Salle - URL.
  • To ensure educators are satisfied, committed and identify with the La Salle - URL university project, through meetings, training, communication, dialogue, interpersonal knowledge and the implementation of staff policies that allow our PDI (Teaching and Research Staff) and our PAS (Admin. and Services Staff) to grow both personally and professionally.
  • To promote and manage our PDI staff’s knowledge (academic and research activity) in order to ensure we offer attractive, high-quality educational programmes that meet the needs of both society and employers, as well as satisfying the expectations of our students.
  • To foster the internationalisation of La Salle - URL, increase our visibility, strengthen our brand and promote our value proposition, as well as promoting long-lasting, stable relationships between the university and the business world to exchange knowledge.
  • To implement a working methodology that allows us to consolidate best practices while ensuring we have in place quality processes with reliable, accurate information and proper analysis, with periodic reviews to promote continuous improvement of our internal quality guarantee system.
  • To ensure the organisation's resources (staff, services and material resources) are managed effectively, responsibly and honestly, taking into consideration all applicable legal requirements.

The Government and Strategic Planning and Management Team at La Salle - URL systematically implement this quality policy in their decision making. In addition, they are also responsible for ensuring the quality policy is understood and accepted, disseminating it and adopting any necessary measures when deviations from the policy are detected.