24 May 2023

The URL, among the 10 Spanish universities with the highest performance according to the Ranking CYD

Ramon Llull University (URL), of which La Salle-URL is a founding member, once again ranks in the TOP 10 highest performing Spanish universities in the Ranking CYD. In addition, it is classified as the fifth university in Catalonia and three of URL's fields of knowledge —Journalism and Communication, Political Science and Law— appear among the most prominent. In the 2022 edition of the Ranking CYD, which evaluated a series of fields of knowledge for the first time, La Salle-URL studies in Architecture, Computer Engineering and Electronic Engineering obtained very positive results.

The Ranking CYD is prepared by Fundación Conocimiento y Desarrollo and reaches its tenth edition this year. A total of 80 higher education centers (93% of all Spanish universities offering degrees) have participated in the study. All of them have been evaluated based on 36 integrated indicators in five dimensions: teaching and learning; investigation; knowledge transfer; international orientation; and contribution to regional development. Of all the indicators, the URL has achieved 20 in high performance.

For yet another year, the URL stands out in the indicators of the international orientation dimension, all evaluated with the highest performance, which place the university at the forefront of all the centers. In the teaching and learning dimension, 7 of the indicators have a high or medium performance. Both in the research dimension and in the knowledge transfer dimension, three of the indicators reach the highest grade. In the last dimension, regional development, the URL achieves 2 indicators with high performance.

Since the last edition, the Ranking CYD also presents specific rankings by fields of knowledge. Different areas are analyzed each year, and in the previous edition three of the La Salle-URL undergraduate studies achieved very positive results. To find out the details of the specific classifications of the CYD Ranking this year, you can consult the news published on the URL website.