At La Salle Campus Barcelona, we all contribute to seeing the world in a different way. We apply creativity, innovation, and reasoning to make the future come true.

A unique Campus where we live together, we learn from each other, and we grow side by side. Our students acquire the necessary skills to become, in a near future, ethical professionals with values, people who add up.

Technology, because of our history and vision of the future, is one of our identifying elements and it can be found in each of our programs. From bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate degrees and specialization courses, through research and doctoral programs, to executive training for companies.

Students learn to use today’s technology to create and master tomorrow’s technology, thus developing their full talent and potential.

And they do it in an international and transdisciplinary Campus, which has been in the Top 3 International Campus of Excellence in Spain since 2015.


Our Programs:


A unique and pioneering methodology

At La Salle Campus Barcelona, the student is at the center of learning with its own unique methodology, learning by challenge. With it, students acquire skills and knowledge through the resolution of real challenges posed by both companies and organizations or institutions.

The training goes beyond the classroom, with real problems, research, and transdisciplinary experiences with different areas of knowledge in an international environment.

“We have to be ready to work with tools and methods that have not yet been invented and be able to solve problems that do not yet exist”

In addition, La Salle Campus Barcelona implemented Smart Learning in 2020. This is a flexible and intelligent educational model that adapts to the educational needs of students. A way of teaching and learning that complements face-to-face teaching at the Campus.

During their studies, students are never alone. In addition to their personal tutor, our students will be able to work together with professors and researchers from all over the Campus.


Learning both in and outside the classroom:

  • Power your skills and aptitudes
  • Student exchange programs available all over the world Universities
  • International stages
  • Learning by challenge
  • Humanities
  • Personalized student attention
  • Smarlearning Smartclassrooms in a Smartcampus
  • Work placements in leading companies

This methodology is applied both in our on-site and online programs.

Our students are:

State of the art laboratories

The Campus has 39 specialized laboratories equipped with the latest technologies related to each degree. Students can access these spaces whenever they need to work on their projects and advance at their own pace.

In the research and innovation environment, La Salle-URL has two laboratories:

laboratorio robotica

We are committed to talent

At La Salle we offer all the facilities to promote the employability of our students. In addition to personalized advice to focus their professional future, with work placements in leading companies like:


Innovation is part of our DNA to promote renewal and adaptability to new times and constant change. For this reason, in 2001 we created the La Salle Technova Entrepreneurship Park with the purpose of combining innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. We accompany startups from the generation of ideas to the commercialization of projects in the market, their growth and consolidation.

The role of humanities in the revolution 4.0

With the aim of improving the imaginative and problem-solving capacity of our students, La Salle incorporates philosophy into its educational offerings with two degrees:

A humanistic training that is complemented by the course of Thought and Creativity, taught by the philosopher and writer Josep M. Esquirol, and a homonymous and transversal subject for all undergraduate degrees.

This commitment is in line with the growing demand from companies for empathetic professionals, capable of providing more human and ethical management, in a world where algorithms and machines are becoming more and more frequent. Companies such as Google, IBM and Microsoft have been the first to incorporate philosophers into their teams. The goal is to help their programmers and engineers to think outside the box and imagine new scenarios, with a special focus on people.

"Philosophers and humanists question reality and the why of things, plus they have a different look and are not afraid to go to the frontier, hybridize, experiment..." Juan Pastor Bustamente, Deputy Director of the Innova&Acción Foundation.

The future lies in the union between science and literature, technology and humanism, and art and engineering. This is where philosophy plays a key role. New technologies will need philosophers to build digital platforms such as the metaverse. A space in the cloud driven by the Facebook company (now Meta), where the human being will be able to have access to totally virtual life.


Technological innovation in the health field

The application of ICT and technological innovation in healthcare management is one of the great challenges of the future. The proliferation of increasingly complex tools has boosted the demand for professionals capable of successfully combining technology and healthcare.

In response to this need, La Salle Campus Barcelona offers multidisciplinary training that seeks to improve both personal care and the welfare of society.

  • Degree in Health Engineering: designed in conjunction with the Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences, this new degree is aimed at students who want to become industry leaders in technology applied to medicine and health.
    The program combines knowledge in engineering (65%), health sciences (25%) and management and innovation (10%).
  • Master in eHealth: Information Technology and Healthcare Management: considered one of the 50 best master's degrees in the world by the Eduniversal Ranking, the master's degree trains professionals to lead innovation and make strategic use of ICTs.
    During the master's program, collaborations are carried out with leading public and private hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories and institutions related to eHealth