This specialized workshop studies the concept of urban recycling of new urban models to offer collective low-cost housing from the perspective of current or future demands. The study is focused in the restructuring of existing residential areas that are inadequate because of the characteristics of the houses and their integration with the landscape. The workshop includes themes about recycling, integration and modernization of urban residential zones taking into account the socio-cultural dimensions.
Type Subject
Previous Knowledge

Hold a Bachelor in Architecture or in Building Engineering.


The principal objective is to develop new ideas of collective housing and its relation with the city, the landscape and the territory.


It is a workshop of project strategies. The results will be part of the proposals of one of the relevant elements in the different projectual scales.


The participants of this workshop will work individually in a unique pre-established geographic ambit. The theme is collective and low cost housing in the concerned urban spaces.
Works presentation and thematic conferences are included.


The evaluation depends on the competences of each subject.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation is based on the student´s participation during the workshop and in their presentation of their developed work.