02 February 2024

Students from the School of Architecture participate in a new edition of Llum BCN with a Japanese-inspired installation

The light arts festival is celebrated between February 2 and 4 in the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona

Students from the Higher Technical School of Architecture and Building of La Salle Barcelona – Universitat Ramon Llull (ETSALS) participate in a new edition of Llum BCN, the light arts festival that illuminates the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona for three days through the creations and installations by artists and students from fields of visual arts such as design, contemporary art and architecture.

Llum BCN, which takes place between February 2 and 4, is one of the central events in Barcelona's cultural calendar and this year reaches its 13th edition. The contest proposes a confluence between art, science, technology and society, and has the participation of art, design, lighting and architecture schools in the city, among which is the ETSALS.

The work carried out by the students on campus is titled 'Komorebi' and it is an installation presided by a central element without barriers that can be seen and enjoyed from any direction and point of view. 'Komorebi' is the Japanese word to describe the sensation of sunlight passing through the leaves of trees, and it is precisely this sensation that the ETSALS students' project attempts to recreate, with an installation that subtly interacts with the communal history that this plot has had.

The installation, which can be seen on Carrer Castella between Avinguda Diagonal and Carrer Pere IV, is designed by students Marc Alastrué, Pau Butiñà, Josep Maria Font, Ona Niubó and Albert Vicente; and is tutored by professors Manel Parés and Joan Vera.

Llum BCN, a reference lighting arts festival

Llum BCN is a leading European festival in the field of lighting arts organized by Ajuntament de Barcelona. The event promotes the convergence of works by creators from fields such as contemporary art, design, architecture and lighting to build a visual and sensory spectacle in different locations.

Over the course of three days, the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona and the surroundings of Plaça de les Glòries become the cultural epicentre of the city. In the last edition, more than 220,000 people enjoyed the lighting installations by artists of recognized local and international prestige, as well as the proposals of the main architecture and design schools in the city. The 13th edition of Llum BCN focuses on working on the relationship between artistic work and public space and on the visibility of women artists in this field.