Interaction aims to promote a fairer and more natural interaction between computer systems, its environment and society.
Our research focuses on the computational understanding of 3D forms, their multimodal perception and the relationship with human perception. Understanding 3D forms allows us to develop systems that can recognize and classify 3D objects either by a virtual system or by a physical set-up such as a robot.
Inspired by the relationship established between human perceptual modes, this allows us to propose new artificial cognitive models.
In relation to society, we investigate and raise awareness the potential effects of software-based systems, encouraging IT professionals to take responsibility for it and actively act on it. To support them, we create concepts and participatory tools to:
  •  Anticipate the effects of software systems in the different dimensions of sustainability and mitigating the negative ones.
  • Generate synthetic art.
  • Transmit STEM culture to new generations, and in particular to females, by actively involving them in our research.