Quantum Sounds Symposium

Thursday, 8 June, 2023 - 10:30
Sala de Congressos, La Salle Campus Barcelona

La Salle-URL collaborates with the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in the organization of the Quantum Sounds Symposium, a conference that will reflect on the interface between quantum physics and musical composition, the sonification of data, interactive sounds, sound programming and audio software development.

On June 8, the Conference Room of La Salle-URL will host two of the panels, in which campus researchers will participate

  • 10.30h - 11.30h - Quantum future in the field of arts and humanities, with Spencer Topel (musical artist) and Eoin Philips (La Salle-URL)
  • 11.50h - 12.50h - Quantum Computers meets the Internet of Things, with James Weaver (IBM), Eduardo Miranda (University of Plymouth) and Rosa Ma Alsina- Pagès (La Salle-URL)

After the two sessions, all attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Interactive Arts & Science Laboratory (IASlab) and some of its spaces, such as the Anechoic Chamber and the Reverberant Chamber, where a live performance will take place, taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the acoustic laboratories of the IASlab.

The Quantum Sounds Symposium is held between June 6 and 8. ICFO will host all the sessions scheduled in the official program during the first two days and Hangar.org will host the panels scheduled on the afternoon of June 8. The organizers of the symposium are Reiko Yamada and Maciej Lewenstein, both from ICFO, and on behalf of La Salle-URL the researcher Osvaldo J. Farías, an expert in quantum, is the co-organizer.

The event is open to the public and registration is free. The sessions organized at the La Salle-URL campus can be followed in person and also via streaming.