Aware of the needs of our students, La Salle-URL has developed the Online Self-Driven Learning online training modality. A new way of learning that will allow you to study at your own pace and create your own training itinerary.

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Asynchronous sessions so you can learn at your own pace and according to your availability.

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Create your own itinerary and organize your study time as you wish.

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You will have a personal tutor and will be able to arrange sessions with teachers and mentors whenever you need them.

Featured Online Self-Driven Learning Programs

A new online model that fits your lifestyle

1. Individual and personalized learning process

Each student creates his own schedule and can adjust it according to his or her circumstances. If one month you have more time, you will be able to advance more quickly, and if your personal circumstances do not allow it, you will be able to reduce your dedication.

The learning process is individual, and all activities are asynchronous, except for the occasional synchronous follow-up sessions with teachers and tutors.

Depending on your learning style and previous knowledge, you can advance through the program by concentrating your efforts and time on the content that interests you most. Managing your learning time will also foster your critical and independent thinking.


2. Accompaniment throughout the program

Your tutor will always accompany you. He will be responsible of helping and advising you to get the most out of your learning process. He will also solve all the doubts you may have so that you can complete the program successfully.

The methodology is based on challenges. The transversal activities, together with the advice of your teachers and the support of your tutor, will allow you to develop the most valued transversal skills and competencies: planning, digital skills, or critical thinking.


3. Create your own training itinerary

The master's degree consists of 10 subjects and a Master's Final Project. It is planned to be completed in one academic year, but at La Salle-URL we give you the flexibility to organize it as you wish and take it in a maximum of two years.

The subjects are taken sequentially, that is, you can start a subject when you finish the previous one or choose the order in which you want to take them. You have a period of three months to complete them. With the help of your tutor, you will be able to create your own training itineraries that you can modify at any time during the course.

At the beginning of each course, the professor will contact you to provide you with instructions and answer any questions you may have. If you need it, you can request individual synchronous online sessions.

The course evaluation consists of three deliverables and a final interview with your professor. The continuous assessment will allow you to evaluate the contents gradually and pass the subjects satisfactorily.


4. Get training in an innovative environment, with active and prestigious professors

The professors of each subject are active professionals of recognized prestige and specialists in each area of recognition.

Our Virtual Campus is designed to optimize student learning. Here you will find all the necessary resources for your training, as well as the tools to be in contact with professors and tutors.

Through the Virtual Campus you will also be able to access all the Campus services such as: career guidance, job bank, student office, library, student clubs... You will be able to attend 10 non-assessable annual synchronous elective sessions taught by experts with an experiential approach.