Álvaro Sicilia Gómez

Álvaro Sicilia Gómez
C. Quatre Camins 30, 08022, Barcelona
Department of Architecture
Architecture Representation Computation
Lecturer and Researcher

PhD, Computer Engineer. Coordinator of the computer area of the group ARC (Architecture Representation Computation). Member of the group since 1999.

Degree in Technical Engineering of Computer Science in the School of Architecture and Engineering La Salle in 2003 and in Higher Engineering in 2008. Later, in 2012, he obtained the title of Master in Research in ICT and its Management. He finished his PhD in 2016. He has worked for two years in the professional sector developing traceability applications. He has experience in the representation of domains through Semantic Web technologies: creation of ontologies, semantic data integration processes, and exploitation of semantic data.

He has participated as researcher in diverse national and European projects like BARCODE HOUSING SYSTEM, OIKODOMOS, INTUBE, REPENER, SEMANCO, OPTIMUS, ENERSI, OPTEEMAL and at this moment RE-DWELL, TIMEPAC, and RETABIT.

Currently he is the IP of the RETABIT project. The work done in these projects is based on data management and analysis with a focus on Semantic Web technologies.

Participation in research groups: 24 years
Participation in research projects: 22
Participation in scientific conferences: 10
Publications in scientific conferences: 31
Publications in journals: 8


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