01 April 2022

La Salle-URL and HP join forces to promote female talent in the field of STEAM professions

For the next academic year, the HP-La Salle-URL scholarship is created, aimed at candidates who want to study the new degree in Health Engineering

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL and HP have signed a collaboration agreement to promote gender equality in the technological environment and the promotion of female talent in STEAM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). To do this, they jointly have created the HP-La Salle-URL scholarship, which will be chosen by two candidates who want to study, starting in September 2022, the new degree in Health Engineering that La Salle-URL and Blanquerna-URL have just launched.

These aids are part of the La Salle-URL scholarship program that promotes excellence and favors equal opportunities to pursue university studies, and from which half of the new graduate students benefit. In addition, the HP-La Salle-URL scholarship reinforces the commitment of the university and HP to female talent in the technology sector and, in this case, in the field of health engineering.

The agreement was signed at the Internet of Things Institute of Catalonia (IoTiCAT) on the La Salle-URL campus. Josep M. Santos, general director of La Salle-URL, explains the importance of the agreement: "For La Salle Campus Barcelona it is essential to have HP's involvement in the launch of our new degree in Health Engineering and, above all, that we can claim and foster together female talent in science, technology and innovation”. For his part, Ramon Pastor, vice president and general manager of HP 3D Metals, assures that "technology must always be at the service of people, and at HP we are convinced that degrees like this are the ones that will have an impact in achieving a better world".