19 December 2022

Interview with Dr. Christopher Kennett, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Digital Economy La Salle

Dr. Christopher Kennett is from this academic year 2022-2023 the new Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Digital Economy La Salle (FICEDLS), one of the four centers that make up La Salle Campus Barcelona. He is from the United Kingdom and a Doctor from Loughborough University, and an expert in Sports Management, a discipline on which his thesis and some of his most important academic publications are based. Dr. Kennett arrived at La Salle-URL in 2008, and since then he has worked as a professor, researcher and Academic Director of Business Degrees before being named dean of FICEDLS.

With this appointment, FICEDLS grows on its structures to consolidate itself as one of the leading business schools in the country, based on its pioneering nature in the combination of management and technology. Dr. Kennett, who takes over from Dr. Francesc Miralles, a key figure in the creation of the Faculty, explains in this interview his vision of the sector and the future expectations of FICEDLS.

  • How is the differential value proposition of the La Salle International Faculty of Commerce and Digital Economy La Salle different? What are the aspects of FICEDLS that you want to promote from your position as new Dean?

FICEDLS is a technology-driven business school. Our goal is to train digital transformation leaders at all levels: organizations, economies and in society as a whole. In addition, we participate in critical thinking about the impact of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation; and we promote an ethical and sustainable change for the future.

  • From your point of view, what is the future of business schools? What role does FICEDLS want to play in this future?

We need a new generation of business schools that focus on the importance of technology and how this technology is transforming companies, economies, society and ourselves as individuals. We need leaders with a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to positively impact our communities in a sustainable way.

  • What distinguishes FICEDLS students and what makes them unique compared to students from other faculties and business schools?

FICEDLS students understand the importance of technology as a driving force for change, while thinking and acting sustainably. They are people who make things happen: they apply theory to reality to produce positive change. Our students learn in a technology-driven ecosystem, surrounded by engineers developing new technologies.

  • How does FICEDLS coexist with the La Salle-URL knowledge ecosystem and with the rest of the Schools and Faculties that make it up?

The infrastructure and ecosystem of our campus allows us to work in a multidisciplinary way. We work hand in hand with engineers, computer scientists, animators, digital artists and architects on transversal projects in our classrooms, laboratories and research groups. La Salle Technova, the innovation park of La Salle Campus Barcelona and incubator for high-tech startups, allows us to develop real businesses on campus, within our business school. Along with our strong corporate relationships, we exist on the cutting-edge of industry practice and innovation. Our shared focus is technology, it is what drives our campus.


Link to the statement on the appointment of Dr. Christopher Kennett