20 February 2024

The FUNITEC Board of Trustees begins to work on the new Strategic Plan from the commitment to the environment and the student experience

​The Board of Trustees of FUNITEC, the foundation of the Brothers of the Christian Schools that manages the La Salle Barcelona campus, holds the first meeting of the year to review the course activity and the projection and keys to the future of the organization. The meeting has the participation of the members of the Executive Committee of La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull and the Board of Trustees of FUNITEC, to which Brother Juan Carlos Jara joins as the new patron.

During the meeting, the budget for the current academic year is approved and the evolution of the current Strategic Plan, which ends this academic year, is reviewed. It was aldo discussed the new 24-28 Strategic Plan and the reflection days held recently with the participation of part of the educational community, which have served to be inspired, collect ideas, learn about the environment and think collaboratively about the future of the campus.

The academic developments for the next academic year are noted ― new Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and double Degree in Philosophy, and in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, in addition to the new mentions in the Degree in Digital Arts ― and how things are going, focusing on advancing methodologically to be differential with emphasis on the international approach. The forecasts for the academic years to come, in fact, are positive and lead to various challenges for the educational and organizational model of the campus, the services and reception of students, the use of spaces and many others.

The FUNITEC Board of Trustees confirms that now is the time when the campus must ask itself what it wants to achieve during the next Strategic Plan, to extract from here the specific lines of action. The objective is to consolidate and reinforce the value proposition from the point of view of the student experience, commitment to the environment and sustainability.