The laboratory contains several measurement instruments that are constantly actualized. It allows covering lots of possibilities of measuring physic magnitudes. It has 20 work places equipped with specialized material in each specific subject and an available surface of 90 m2. Throughout the course, students engage in various practices such as measuring small-signal transistor parameters, low-frequency spectrum analyzer, high-frequency spectrum analyzer, and other measurements related to electronic components and circuits. The laboratory area is 30 m2. 

Students go by all this scenarios doing different practices such as: LED’s characterization by an integrating sphere, measurement of the small-signal transistor parameters, R.F. spectrum analyzers, different band-transceiver studio, AD and DA converter studio, Q-meter and impedance analyzer, parametric analysis of electronic components and circuit evaluation, network analyzer up to 4 GHz, amplifiers measurements, audio analyzer, transmission lines, microwaves, P.L.L. understanding and utilization, use of logical analyzers, electromagnetic compatibility, conducted and radiated emissions measurements, digital oscilloscope studies and applications, acquisitions systems and automatic control with GP-IB, PCI and others.